Spring is here……but not quite!

Hi everyone!!

Things that are happening on the farm this week are:

We just got in time for the pruning of our plums. We have full blossoms on the Plums trees and they always look and smell so nice.


Love this time of year when you can see and feel the seasons change!

But I do feel its early for this to be happening when officially not yet spring!




Plums img_4924






We are still hand feeding a small lamb and we have released the others into the paddock with the other sheep. They are close by and keep coming up to the fence calling us wanting a feed.!

We have been un-tiring the strings from around the c block avocados. When we first planted these trees we put a stake into the ground and tie the tree to it. Now they are big enough we have to go and untie or cut the strings so we don’t damage the tree. If we don’t do this the string will cut into the trunk and all the nutrients the tree takes up goes along the outside of the tree. So its like cutting off its blood supply. Its not such a great job but its an important one.

On the veggie farm we have been digging potatoes and beetroot cutting and planting!

So its all go here. Last night we have had about 45mils of rain….and yes we still work in the rain. Just about to go for a walk to the vineyard to unblock the overflow from the dam!!

Until next time take care,

Anita xx

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