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01 Feb 2014

Dear Anita, Wayne, Jacob and Lily!! Thank you for everything! Here is very good Place. I was happy working in the organic farm every day. I began to like working than had stay in Japan. I’m interested in raw food and vegetarian food, so I want to try had Anita teach me cooking in Japan. I ate many organic vegetable & fruit & egg every day. That was precious experience!

Thank you for dreamy time.

See you again




 December 2013

Dear Wayne, Anita and Jacob,

Thank you for the opportunity that you gave me staying in the Tree of Love Farm! I learnt a lot of things working for you, before I knew nothing about veggies and farm life, but now I can say that I know how works the process of the food from the farmers to the markets! So many people don’t know about the hard work that people like you make everyday to give good food to everyone! I enjoyed all the beautiful places that you showed me, like the sand dunes and Peaceful Bay! (Such a great time!)

I really liked drive tractors and work on machines that I’ve never seen before, like the spuds digger! (It’s huge!). I met really nice people here, all the different culture mixed together in the same place is something amazing because you can learn dishes, habits, languages that you didn’t know before is like little multicultural world! I met other Italians, Koreans, Japanese, English, Canadian and Taiwanese!  I have to thank Jaden and Darren as well, they are really good men. I tried for the first time avocados, kales, curry rice!

Thank you for everything, I will bring this experience in my heart for the rest of my life!

I hope I made a good work for you and that you learnt something more about Italy! Hopefully not only about pasta ahahahahaha!

Hope that we can keep in touch and if I will come in Manjimup again for sure I will come to visit you!

Thanks, thanks, thanks!

Armando Grimaldi

PS: the soccer is better than AFL (this was for Wayne)



 December 2013

Dear Anita, Wayne and Jacob and, last but not least, Lily,

Thank you very much for letting Stefano and I to stay here for 88 days! Such a long time! Time has passed so quickly though! It seem yesterday that we came here and, to be honest, I was a little bit scared cause it was the first time for us on a farm! I thought: “Oh my God, the work is gonna be so hard, what I’m gonna do?” (Anita knows what I’m talking about, ahahaha! ). But you welcomed us, made us feel comfortable and, anyway, work was fine! I mean, sometimes it was harder than other days, but I think that this happens in all kind of jobs. If I can reassume what I’ve learned, I would say: to know more about farm life and all the benefits of organic veggies and most of all, how much we “destroy” our bodies with processed food (eat less, live longer!). I’ve learned that I love raw food that was so new for me. I’ve discovered new places with you and I’m so grateful that you allowed us to see them. For sure, my favorite one was Peaceful Bay, it was stunning and it has been a good chance to get to know us. I’ve met different culture people and learned so many things from them like to say “I love you” in Korean. At least, talking with Anita helped me to believe more in myself and to be more confident with other people.

So, what else can I say?


Just thank you sooo much!!!

Have a wonderful future and good luck with your next projects!

Buona fortuna!!! (good luck!)

PS: obviously, this is from Stefano as well, but you know that he couldn’t write all this, ah ah!

Thanks for honey, YUM!

Much love from Eliana and Stefano




4th Sep – 6th Dec 2013

Dear Anita, Wayne, Jacob and Lily

Thank you for allowing me to come here. Actually it was a long travel from Sydney, but these 3 months are very good experience for me. And I met great friends here. I spend all the time with laugh and joy. Thank you for giving us such comfortable place and kitchen.

Here is the first farm and probably the last for me. I experienced cutting veggies, picking avocados and collecting (little bit eating) honey. All of them are great experience for me, and I remember some vegetarian recipes. 7 days vegetarian food was good for my body. I did a liver detox with Anita and my skin became better than before. I appreciate for giving me this chance. Vegetarian/raw foods were delicious for me. I am a tooooo much big eater but I was not so hungry. I wondered why.

Actually I was crazy busy before, so I couldn’t take enough rest. But after coming here air is fresh and I took sunshine a lot, eat vegetable enough, climbing 25m tree in Pemberton. My body became very healthy. Especially I like stars. I’ve never seen such beautiful sky and stars at night. I didn’t know such amount of stars in the sky. I was moved every night. Thank you for bringing us to sand dunes on my birthday and Peaceful beach. It was so exiting birthday. I will not forget running in Peaceful beach with Lily and her tired face. And we’ve got a lot of fish and eaten tasty.

I give thanks to all af you and funny members. I really appreciate for Anita and Wayne. Nobody knows what will happen next but I expect and pray our future will shine

God bless you so much

Yoko Chiba


Oct 2013

Anita, Wayne and Jacob

Thank you for inviting me to the T. O. Love farm. It has been a flying visit but it has proved an interesting insight into large scale organic farming and raw foods. I have met same wonderful fellow woofers during my stay here. There have been a lot of laughs, great cheer to get us through the working day and some fantastic cooking! T. O. Love farm is a peaceful place and I have enjoyed my evening walks.

I wish you and all the workers on the farm the best for the future.




 September 2013

Dear Anita, Wayne, Jacob and Lily

Thank you for the good time!!! I’m happy to seeing you. It was my first farm and my first drive in my life. Wayne is my driving teacher. Here is many good places to see, I really enjoyed!! And I met so nice people, really, really, really nice!!! I will not forget, I can’t forget.

Please keep in touch.

I will wait for you in Japan.

Reina Oishi



 September 2013

Dear Anita & Wayne,

Thank you for giving me a chance to stay in your farm, I am so happy to work with you all. You have good home father and mother that I feel warm in your family. Actually I did the job not so quick but I appreciate that all of you to let me finish it with patient teaching. Sometimes I would like to make things perfectly indeed!!!

Anyway, I enjoy in “Tree of Love Resort” and you give me the experience on farm’s life. Moreover thank you Anita for teaching me some skills on cooking although I’m not good at cooking. I do remember you, you are good mother as I know.  Wayne, you are good father too. I like your smile, so keep it!!! Powerful man!!!

I will leave Manjimup soon. Miss you all and all about the farm. I sincerely hope both of you have more sweet time in life.

Best regards

Joey Choi


PS: miss Jacob & Lili too!



 September 2013

Dear Anita & Wayne

Thank you very much for letting me and Joey to come to your farm. In the Tree of Love Resort I can train my muscle! Relax in beautiful natural environment, experience the unforgettable farm life! Eat different culture food! Open my mind! Follow my working holiday dream in Australia!

Learn different skills in the farm! Observe different kind of animal and plants, verify myself “can do anything” at the farm. Enjoy every moment getting along everyone in the farm!!

To be honest a really enjoy the moment at your farm and I really can’t forget the first time to drive at your farm!

Thank you very much! I do think you are not only the WWOOF host in the farm, but also the life coach for me! Wish your business become greater and bigger and hope we will keep in touch in the future!

Best regards


26 Aug 2013

Dear Tree of Love

Thanks Anita and Wayne

It was my first wwoofing in Australia and it was a special and good experience! Although I thought farm jobs was very hard for me, many times I felt tired but I thought not bad, because I learned how about farmer life, it was very interesting. I like your geese and chicken because they always funny, I like watched them every morning although sometimes I felt they a lithe noisy in the night ahah! And I thought your kitchen very nice! I always have fun when I cooking with Fabio them, we could cooked a lots delicious food at there, it was a great memories, and I like your organic vegetables it is tasty.

Maybe we couldn’t talked a lots conversation because I am just like a baby learn a new language, and I’m inarticulate but I think maybe I’ll better in the future.

Have a great life in the future

Take care



 August 2013

Dear super Wayne Anita nice

Thanks for the beer drunk together, we had great fun with you during these three months and we have learn a lot from you… like love and spaceeee J and that I’ll always lucky from here onwards. Lucky 23! Ours is not a goodbye but a see you soon in facetime!

Big hug from Abdul and Fabio and big love.. and space

PS: we wait you in Italy!



24 Jul 2013

Dear Anita and Super Wayne

Unfortunately one of the Italian crew has to go, is arrived the time to say bye and thank for everything and all the fun that we had together. I really enjoyed all my times that I spent with you guys, all the excursions that we had during the weekend, I really like it share some my spare time with you, lovely person, ready to help and do some activity together. Honestly I want to say really thank to let me try and discovered some amazing tasty vegetables that I never tried before, as the beetroot and specially understand the flavor of the Bio veggie, where you can taste the real flavor and taste.

Now is time to leave, keep in touch

If in the future I gonna pass in Manjimup, I gonna come to say hello for sure

Riccardo Baia



Dear Anita, Wayne and Jacob

I’m great to meet you, and I had good times with you when I stayed here I was really happy. Thank you for making happy for me. It was hard for me to work (farm work) but I was enjoying all the time. I didn’t know about farm work, so I don’t know, I was good job or not? I hope you think good about me, I will miss you and remember you XXX

I hope you to be happy

PS: take care

From Ricky


 9 Jun 2013

Dear Anita, Wayne and Jacob

Thank you so much for taking care. We learnt many farm skills from here. We enjoy all the time here. Manjimup is so beautiful place, we love here. Especially we fell so lucky to live here and meet you and all guys. Thank you so much again. If we come here again or you go to Perth we wanna meet you again. Keep in touch. We love you


Fanny, Emily


5 May – 8 Jun 2013

Dear Anita, Wayne and Jacob (and Tuck)

Thank you so much for letting me stay here! I have never seen such huge farm before!! I really liked the farm, beautiful view and nice lovely people made me so happy every day. I had really great time with you all and one of my best experience in Australia. I want to recommend wwoofing here to my friends in Australia ahahaha! I appreciate everyting. I won’t forget my precious days I spent here.

Keep in touch! Hope to meet you again.

Take care..




27 May 2013

I spent 3 months in this beautiful farm and all I have to say is: thank you, for everything.

This wasn’t just a job, an amount of days that I had to do for the visa, but was more. For 3 months this was my home. I’ve met a lot of people, new friends and also more, I’ve learned so many new things, not only about farm and nature but also about myself. Country life is so different from the lifestyle I had before, and after 3 months it’s hard go back city.

I’m writing this words with sadness in my heart because is quite hard to leave, but also with gratefulness for all this time spent with you and with all the rest of people I’ve met here.

I’m not good with words (especially in other language) so I’ll just say:

Thank you, I won’t forget a single moment here.

Gioele di Pita


27 May 2013

What can I say? A couple of pages are not enough to express all the memories and the emotions that these three months gave me. I feel like saying the same old things like I’m gonna miss you all and that I’ll come back for a visit. Truth is that for these 3 months I felt as if I was home, with a big family keeping me company. Truth is that it was one of the best experiences in my life and I’ll never ever forget it and last but not least, my mind and my heart will always have room for all of you.

Thank you, thanks for everything. I never thought it would’ve been so difficult to leave, but I guess life has to go on. I’m leaving then today with a bit of sadness and melancholy but with a big smile on my face at the same time.

Wish you all the best! You’ve been absolutely awesome!

With love


January 2012

We have gotten to eat so many avos each day that we got sick of them…………..and we love it!! Also, we must say that its so nice to Plant new trees instead of spending hours on multiple days picking up old dead ones(for firwood). Now we have a legacy growing in WA that will hopefully provide you with much fruit and prosperity in the future!

Anyway thanks for all the lessens and discussions and the tasty food/recipes. Take care and good luck with all your many creative business/project ideas in the present and to come.

Lauren and Garret Smith




It was great to have the opportunity to see a how a big farm works. Working here will make us appreciate the hard work that lies behind every fruit and vegetable in the shops.

Anita and Wayne thank you for all the good dinners and talks. It has been

fun and interesting to make and eat the raw food with you.!

We wish you good luck in the future.

Patrick and Nonja.



Dear Tree Of Love Resort

Thank you for your hospitality and kindness. Anita and Wayne you have inspired me to continue down my path of studies in nutritional medicine. Your wisdom and knowledge is worth spreading to the world and I hope you do so. It has been delightful, living working, sharing meals, thoughts, ideas with my fellow wwoofas. I would like to keep in touch with all of you wonderful individuals, but if not I am grateful for the time we have shared. I wish you all and the Tree Of Love best wishes in all its endeavors’.


Ps the fruits and veggies were yummy!



It is raining……….really hard so first things first I have definitely discovered the Australian Wales. But  when the sun does shine here its beaut.

I have really enjoyed my time here, learning about Organic farming and Raw Foods. I hope I will practice things learnt at home.

Big Up to the Edwards farm crew. The funny times cutting (thumb slice on the belt, launching knife in air, Jason’s mullet)and Doug’s 100% precise weather forecasts.

Thank you  Anita Wayne and Jacob for the good times, having me to stay and the holiday at Peaceful Bay.

I will be back,




Hi I stay here for 83 days and it is hard to say goodbye to this beautiful farm.

I learned many things about farming and some gardening with everyone here.

Lots of fun and memories Ill miss everything here, bonfire night, Anita, Wayne, Jacob,  Doug and Kay.

Thanks you for giving me this unforgettable Manjimup Farm Life!!


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