Meet the Farmer

Do you want to meet TOLove and taste some organic veggie produced with a true bio-dynamic procedure? Every third Saturday of the month you can visit the Farmers’ Market in Manjimup and find our store right there.

TOLove & Bio-Veg, ours fruit orchard and veggie patch, sell directly to the public the best of the production of the week during this monthly meeting where you can find the best of the products in Manjimup, some new tasty experience and the kindness of our sellers.
Our little store can boast about the Demeter logo, the Australian Bio-Dynamic research institute’s certification of respect and implementation of the best bio-dynamic procedures in growing and harvesting fruits. Ours delightful Avocados are not only good and creamy, they are growing in a very natural and respectful way for the earth. Our fresh and dainty broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage growth in an natural and organic environment, no pesticides, herbicides or chemicals are sprayed on them.

When you taste the difference between our greens and the others, if you’d like you can ask to be a guest with the “wwoof” and “helpex” program. We will be glad to introduce you to our world and reality.

Just pop in and say hello, we will show you the town and our organic reality.

Manjimup Farmers’ Market,
Gilbett Street,
Manjimup, WA

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