I remember like it was yesterday the first meeting that I had with Anita and Waine, especially all the times that I need a translation of their words. Now, after three wonderful months with them, my English is boosted but I’m still without enough words to express my thankful. All the first experiences that I have had in this farm are impossible to count and to share with others, but I hope that someone that is reading these words will smile like me meanwhile I remember the first tree that I climbed in my life, the first time that I run in front of a spraying tractor (FIAT, to make me feel home), the first frog that was staring me in the shower, but also the feeling waking me up at 6 for cutting veggies under the rain and the pleasure of going home at the end of the 12th filled bin in one day. Not everything is linked to the work, I still remember how much I sweated the first yoga trial with Anita and how much I fatigued to reach position so apparently easy for her. Unforgettable also the raw linguini with pesto and all the other delightful things that we share during our never enough dinner together. All the people and discussion with them will stay with me during my next travels in a special happy field in my mind.

Massimo, italian, about three months from 5-3-2012 to 3-6-2012, twitter @momolito

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