Winter is here…….

Winter is here

On the farm (Tree of Love Resort) we have just finished off packing the Plums and the Avocados for the season.

To me its always a good feeling knowing that we have finished this side of the business for another few months….Yeah

It is the time to start clearing up the land and making fires……we love to do this …build a huge fire and sit around it at night with the heat from the fire keeping us warm. The stars are amazing to look at. Being in the country with no interfering lights allows the stars to shine bright!!IMG_3838

We are looking at planting more Avocado trees so we have to start getting the land ready.

All year round we have to compost and mow….so the work never ends!!

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Farming update

HI you all,

Lots has been happening on our farm as well as in and around the spring season.

We have had wonderful spring flowers out in bloom. We had a lovely day out this year again going wildflower hunting.IMG_4064






We have had the geese lay and hatch their goslings.

This time of the year the farmers in our area cut rake and make hay for the middle of the summer to feed the stock as well in the middle of the winter.







We have started to pick and pack our avocados.IMG_4025






Our hottest news is that our little Lille has blessed us with 5 male puppy’s. They are 10 days old today. We are in love !!







So We hope your all well and happy with your life and that this summer you dream big and have a clear vision of how you want your life to be.

Much love,


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Happy Winter Soltice

What are you doing to celebrate the longest day of the year?

We have the fire going 24/7 and are tucked up in bed early……..

The solstice is a natural turning point in the year. Historically it was a time of new beginnings, of rebirth and revival. From now on the days will lengthen and the warmth of summer is on its way. Yeah!!

It also for us as farmers is the time to check the lambs that are being born. I always feel its too cold for them to be born this time of the year but they seem to always lamb at this time. Haven’t ¬†got any little ones to feed yet but I am sure that’s coming.!!

We have had quite a lot of rain here in the South West but it does not stop us from being out doors. We are digging potatoes- beetroot-picking the last of the butternuts – mowing- planting and there’s many other jobs that need doing.!!


Here is a picture of white asparagus and quinoa that i was lucky to try. (In Europe)

Just a quick little post to wish you all a happy solstice.

Until then,

Anita Edwards

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