As we head into winter….

We are now nearly at the Winter Solstice…just a couple more days to go and then we are on the warming up side to summer. Yeah… I am a summer girl who loves the warmth of the sun. I do like having a fire and feeling  warm when you can look outside an see it raining.

We have lots of lambs being born now and as I do my daily walk around the farm I try to notice if they are all well and with their mums. I have in the past had to bottle feed them.

This website has been down for a week but we are back on track now…yeah

I have a nice free recipe to give away from my other website so I am copying the link for you to get your recipe there. I have sold this Bliss Ball to thousands of people and they all love it. It keeps well in the fridge and its a much better option than eating sugar and flour.

I also am holding a weeks long retreat in November if any of you would like to join us.

This is the link for that

It is a workshop on level one training on how to be a Raw Chef. But it is also good for those of you that want to do a detox and just learn how to make healthy meals for your family.

That’s all for now, until then stay warm!


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