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When one hears this one might think: “Wow this sounds very interesting, where is it?”
What treats are provided at this Love Resort?

The Tree Of Love Resort is a resort for the Avocado trees the only humans here are the passionate caretakers.

We are located at

753, Graphite Road, Manjimup, Western Australia and you can contact us:

Our Avocado Trees are engulfed with LOVE. The connection dates back to the origin with the Aztec’s. The Aztec word for avocado was ahuacatl, which means “testicle tree”. Women would eat this fruit to help with child development in the womb. When the fruit is cut in half it looks like the early stages of pregnancy in the womb. From pollination to harvest (in the tropics) is nine months. The flowers of the avocado tree can be male or female and they change to the opposite sex usually between a 24 hour period.  The flesh has important nourishment for growth and development and the oil is great for skin- smoothness and health. They are full of vitamins and nutrients’ with all the good oils.
When looking at the avocados hanging from the tree, they look like male testicles hanging down so they must be good for the male reproduction as well. The avocado trees are introvert tress they need to protect their limbs and roots so they love growing in Orchards. Like a family with their limbs  twining with each other – almost like demanding attention and affection.
We grow our avocados under the Bio-Dynamic system and we are certified by Demeter.

Using this system we are drawing in the astral and Earth energies and combining with human passion.

The logo of the Demeter certification

Demeter, bio-dynamic farming certification

The Tree of Love is located in the South West of Western Australia and here we harvest 14-18 months after pollination. This extra time is excellent for compressing more energies and flavors’ for a more unique and creamier taste.
With the extra hanging time on the tree it means that the tree carries two ages of fruit for six months. As it flowers it is holding a full crop. It is amazing to watch as the tree continues to nurture both young and old fruit. This to us is another indication of love, and —-connection of abundance and joy. The universal law of   life.
With each slither of avocado that enters the mouth instant joy consumes the body. Ancient messages connect with our own DNA. This is for stimulating our imagination. This message never ends. As does our expansion.
The human experience of  T.O.Love (Tree Of Love) is our gift from god. From our resort the T.O.Love Avocado is our gift to you… Go out and share this love!!

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