Winter and Bees

Winter is settling in for a few months.

The days are awesome with that feeling of clear fresh air earth smells abound!’

There is  mushrooms and toadstools in the paddocks with green grass that’s feeding the animals again.

So nows the time to start caring for our little ferry friends.


bees feeding

Here at the Tree Of Love Resort we keep bee hives to help pollinate our crops-

mostly -Avocado trees. We collect their honey and treat it with respect. It has had a lot of work put into it – to make that liquid gold. Thanks to the bees!

We also house wwofers for anywhere up to three months or more.

This photo was of Cato and myself as we were feeding the bees for the first time this winter season. We feed them sugar and water -Put it in a jar with little pin holes in the lid and turn it upside down to feed them.

Sometimes when you approach a bee hive it all seems quite in there -but as soon as you put the sugar water there they all come out. Its amazing. Bee suites a must.!

Cato is from Belgium and came  to us as a wwoofer (for two weeks) and became like one of the family and has stayed for months….We will miss you Cat…..Bees feeding


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