Whales and Wild Flowers

A nice warm welcome to you all!

Its still cold here in Manjimup. Sitting here with the fire warming the house. Nice and Cosy!!

We had a very nice weekend away to our family hut at Peaceful Bay. This weekend was special to us for we took a bunch of people with us to celebrate one of our workers farewell.

His names Seb and hes from Canada. Hes been with us for nearly a year and hes been a great help on the our Organic Farm. He was so good at helping us to manage people and sebsIMG_5110his passion was/is making compost. Your going to missed lots Seb.

 So with him leaving hes left a gap in our work force. If you know anyone that would like to work on a Organic farm please contact us.

With Going to Peaceful Bay this time of the year we get to see (if your lucky) whales of in the distance and the wildflowers.

The Whales migrate each year up and down our coastline. The types are the humpback and the Southern right whales. They head towards their breeding grounds in the warm northern waters. Then head South again in November to the colder seas to grow and mature.

Also we took Seb onto our favorite boat ride. The WOW tour.

YchangesIMG_5113ou can find his tours here  http://www.wowwilderness.com.au/WOW/Home.html

This guys name is Gary Muir and hes such an inspiration to this planet. This photo is of him and Seb with a dead seal. They carried this seal back over a hill to go and get tested to see why it died. Gary is a second cousin of Wayne’s so hes family.

We take everyone down to his boat tours. I find his knowledge on the environment coupled with his humor just amazing. He always has the boat load of people entertained with pictures and stuffed toys in fits of laughter. You hardly look out the boat window.

Wildflowers: These are so amazing………..you can go driving by countryside and see no flowers. Then when you stop and hop out of your car and you lookwild flowersIMG_5099
around you you then can see flowers everywhere. 
They just sort of blend in with nature. Each year people travel to WA to see the wildflowers. The color and shapes are just picture perfect.

These things in nature make me feel as though we are living in heaven on Earth.

Sometimes you just need to slow down to take note of nature and breath deep.!

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