Spring is here……but not quite!

Hi everyone!!

Things that are happening on the farm this week are:

We just got in time for the pruning of our plums. We have full blossoms on the Plums trees and they always look and smell so nice.


Love this time of year when you can see and feel the seasons change!

But I do feel its early for this to be happening when officially not yet spring!




Plums img_4924






We are still hand feeding a small lamb and we have released the others into the paddock with the other sheep. They are close by and keep coming up to the fence calling us wanting a feed.!

We have been un-tiring the strings from around the c block avocados. When we first planted these trees we put a stake into the ground and tie the tree to it. Now they are big enough we have to go and untie or cut the strings so we don’t damage the tree. If we don’t do this the string will cut into the trunk and all the nutrients the tree takes up goes along the outside of the tree. So its like cutting off its blood supply. Its not such a great job but its an important one.

On the veggie farm we have been digging potatoes and beetroot cutting and planting!

So its all go here. Last night we have had about 45mils of rain….and yes we still work in the rain. Just about to go for a walk to the vineyard to unblock the overflow from the dam!!

Until next time take care,

Anita xx

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Eating in Season

Today I would like to talk about eating in season.

Wherever your living nature supply’s us with the nutrients we need from what is available to eat in that season. We are still in winter here in the South West and so we have fruits like Tamarillos(tree tomatoes) mandarins and tangerines that are all high in Vit C to help fight off the winter colds.

It is also a time where root vegetables also grow well. With the winter cold we always feel like eating warming foods. So its a good time to make soups that will help us keep warm.

This photo is Wayne my husband as a card board cut out. The Southern Forrest food council are doing promotions of the area and I just love this. Hoping I can have him when cutout IMG_4084they are finished with it so it can keep me company when hes away lol.

Hes holding some Organic Beetroots that we grow.

Lots of people are not sure of how to eat them.

We love to drink them, but also put them salads grated and raw.



Did you know if you eat or drink beets and then your stools are purple its a good indication that your HDA (hydrochloric Acid)are low. You need these to be strong so you can digest minerals and vitamins from the greens that you eat.


With cooking them this is the nicest way I have found to eat it.

Baked Beetroot.

Cut up into quarters 3 beetroots.

Place into an oven bag

Add some Celtic salt(normal table salt isnt good for you)

1Tbs Balsamic vinegar

1Tbs Cold pressed olive oil or coconut oil.

Cook in oven for about 1 1/2 hours serve and enjoy!

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This week has been cold and wet for us in the South West. We have had lots of rain. We have lambs being born and I feel sorry for them being a new born out there where its cold.! I have started feeding a baby lamb whose mother has died. So shes about a week old. I haven’t got any photos just yet but will post one next week.

Wayne and I have also been looking after a  puppy. Our puppy has been enjoying the company and I must say that I have been enjoying having another puppy around!

This is them sitting in the car!


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